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Chris Brown & Zonnique Pullins Love Story

Chapter 60:


I felt someone shake me and I opened my eyes and looked at a smiled Milan “what time is it?”I asked
“8:30”she saiid
I groaned “why you doing this to me?”
She giggled “we’ll you didn’t take the twins to school when today is your turn to so now wake up”
I turned on my back “your…

I’m ashamed to say this but he looks good in those mugs shots. 😔 I’m sorry, he really does. #basic moment

tellmystoryff asked: Does anyone know the ff with August and his older brother who is played by Trey songz and the main girl is Tae Heckard and she plays Jubilee???I need the link 😩😩😩 I’m dying!



I don’t sorry.


MakeItHome. It got deleted sadly.

😩😩😩😩😩😩 I was so addicted.

Chapter 20:


“Don’t be no bitch! Stevenson’s are raised bitches”Michael said giving me a gun.
I was ten he was thirteen, he wanted to teach me out how to shoot but I didn’t want too.
“No I can’t kill innocent people”I said
“Everybody isn’t innocent everybody got skeletons in…

So what’s this suppose to mean?!😒

So what’s this suppose to mean?!😒

I love Chris with all my heart, but right now this “going to jail” should be a rude awakening. I’m not gonna bring up the media. Duck them but Chris is 24 years old it’s starting to get he needs to really think about his actions. He needs to stop chilling with people who don’t give a fuck about him like where Red and Hood? Now his mother is crying because she see’s his life going before her eyes it’s sad that they attack him but if Chris really wanted to help he would get it. I will forever be #Team Breezy, been a fan since 2005 and I’m still gonna ride out but as of right now I’m tired of seeing negativity around his name.

He needs to open his eyes.